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Nederlandse kampioenen trekkerbehendigheid

Kampioenen Trekkerbehendigheid
jaar naam plaats prov
1980 Jan Werkman Warffum Gr
1981 Louis Steeghs Panningen Lb
1982 Jan van Katwijk NB
1983 Louis Steeghs(2) Panningen Lb
1984 Frans Maas Leende NB
1985 Jan Werkman(2) Warffum Gr
1986 Robert Immink Zwolle NH
1987 Jan Parlevliet Beinsdorp NH
1988 Louis Steeghs(3) Panningen Lb
1989 Frank Scholtelinde Rossum Ov
1990 Thijs Heesen Panningen Lb
1991 Lowie Heesen Grashoek Lb
1992 Thijs Heesen(2) Panningen Lb
1993 Luc Gubbels Helvoirt NB
1994 Luc Gubbels(2) Helvoirt NB
1995 Lowie Heesen(2) Grashoek Lb
1996 Lowie Heesen(3) Grashoek Lb
1997 Andre Smeets Buggenum Lb
1998 Timon Aerts Rijsbergen NB
1999 Arjan Otjens Etten-Leur NB
2000 Auko Venema Doezem Gr
2001 Andres Boesveld Tonden Gl
2002 Ronny de Backer Bergeijck NB
2003 Roel Geraeds Panningen Lb
2004 Auko Venema(2) Doezem Gr
2005 Ronnie de Backer(2) Bergeijck NB
2006 Ronnie de Backer(3) Bergeijck NB
2007 Paul Jacobs Gulpen Lb
2008 Paul Jacobs(2) Gulpen Lb
2009 Ronnie de Backer(4) Bergeijck NB
2010 Ronnie de Backer(5) Bergeijck NB
2011 Auko Venema (3) Doezem Gr
2012 Abco Maljaars Vrouwenpolder Zl
2013 Paul Jacobs(3) Gulpen Lb
2014 Nicolas van der Oord Egmond NH


European Tractor Skills

On Sunday 20th September 2015 there will be an European contest in driver skills for agricultural tractors and machinery. The intake for this contest is on the day of the contest.

The driver will be judged on his/her driver skills in 4 circuits.

  1. tractor with 4-wheel trailer
  2. tractor
  3. telehandler
  4. tractor with trailed mower

Per hour 8 competitors will compete in this contest. So the amount of competitors is limited. Prepare to do the contest. I’ll see you the 20th September 2015.