Result Classic Conventional and Vintage Conventional corrected

The corrected results are as follows :-

 Vintage Conventional Class 😐
1st   ~ Ian Simms            Northern Ireland
2nd ~ Jock Sivewright,   Scotland
3rd ~ Ray Alderson,       England 

Classic Conventional Class:
1st Stuart Burden,        England
2nd Alan Simms          Republic of Ireland
3rd Wilfred Richards    Wales

Double click on below picture to open:
thumbnail of 2015 Classic Conventional, Results (Corrected) thumbnail of 2015 Vintage Conventional Results ~ (Corrected – 5th-April-2016) thumbnail of 2015 ~ Reversible, Results Calculations ( Netherlands )

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Pictures 19th September


[img src=]98270
[img src=]85231
[img src=]73190
[img src=]65470
[img src=]59230
[img src=]54191
[img src=]50230
[img src=]46841
[img src=]43660
[img src=]41341
[img src=]38920
[img src=]37100
[img src=]35520
[img src=]34280
[img src=]33110
[img src=]31541
[img src=]30670
[img src=]29160
[img src=]28601
[img src=]27390
[img src=]26980
[img src=]25920
[img src=]25620
[img src=]24750
[img src=]24960
[img src=]25462
[img src=]24302
[img src=]23790
[img src=]24011
[img src=]23540
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Pictures 18th September

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